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Best-Selling Authors Association was created to help best-selling authors increase their success and capitalize on their achievement. We see published authors as the people shaping our culture and, in the case of non-fiction authors, building our society and fixing people’s lives. We view Best-Selling Authors as the cream of the crop – those people that are making an impact and need to have their voice heard even more.

Our membership is closed and limited for authors that achieved a bestseller status with one or more of their books. Aspiring authors that want to become best-selling authors, can get help and support in getting to this position, however, their membership can be approved only then.

We assist our members with getting more exposure to their message and perfecting their marketing so that they are more successful in getting speaking engagements, selling more books, booking media appearances and more.

Are You a Best-Selling Author?

Joining the Best-Selling Authors Association will benefit you in several ways:

  • Learn how to get media appearances
  • Get marketing help
  • Have a membership badge on your website for authority purposes
  • Have access to awards and plaques with our brand

Do You Want To Be A Best-Selling Author?

We are working with a publishing company that has helped over 700 authors achieve a best-seller status with their book.
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